My chest feels hollow

From the pain and the sorrow

From all the things I keep on losing

My purpose to get up in the morning

A love to keep my heart warm and beating

Nothing seems to be going right for me

When will I be able to be happy? 


I’m living a life without meaning

If that’s the case what’s the point in living? 

I’m waste of space 

Burdening my friends and family

I just want to find love and be happy

But even in that I’d hardly say I’m trying

When my friends ask for help in love or in life

I do it without thinking 

But deep inside

Honestly, I wish I could be like them

Living with dreams and meaning

I would kill myself

To lessen the world of a useless human being

If I wasn’t so afraid of dying

So I push myself to keep on living

Hoping to find happiness and a meaning

For this worthless human being

That is me

The Sad Truth

I want to love

To love what I do

To love someone new

But it’s so hard to do
Things never go your way

Just because you want them to

Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll have it

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you too

But I guess its just the sad truth

Not all dreams come true 

Stupid or Romantic? 

I can never forget them 

And I’ll probably always have feelings for them

Because I love with all I have

I never care about if I get hurt

I know I probably shouldn’t 

That I should think about the future 

And not just the present

But would that love be worth it

If I just half-assed it?  

To Feel

I want to feel

To feel warm 

To feel happy

To feel loved

To not feel empty

To not feel that they’d be better off without me

To just feel slightly necessary

To feel that someone would miss me