I don’t know what I’m doing

Overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings

Is it okay to continue how I’ve been living?

Lost, with no idea of where I’m heading

I want to be free from fear and anxiety

But where do I start?

How do I find my new beginning?

Or am I meant to live a life of suffering?

Or is this life’s true meaning?

To struggle

The struggle to keep feeling

The struggle to keep dreaming

The struggle to keep living.


Role of a Bystander

I watch you shatter

I watch you scatter across the floor

I watch you pick up the pieces

trying to make yourself whole

I see you struggling with burning emotions

Yet your expression is stone cold

I want reach out to you

But I know it’s something I can’t do

So I’ll do my best at what I can do

So that one day you can be you

The you that you want to

What If? 

I want to get mad at you 

But I know

That everything you said was true 

No matter what I do

I just can’t get mad at you

You hurt me

And I hurt you too

Can you tell me

What am I supposed to do? 

I just want you and me

To go back to how we used to be

I wish I had told you that

When there used to be a you and me

Then maybe there wouldn’t be a you 

And someone I  wish that was me


You’ve broken my heart

But I don’t want us to grow apart

It pains me

Everytime you look at me

I feel something inside of me starting to cry

But I’ll smile

Because it’s better that you never knew

How I really feel for you

So we can continue to be

What we always will be

Just friends

Tiny Little Pieces

Why do I keep looking even though it hurts?

I keep looking BECAUSE it hurts

I want to keep looking

To keep feeling this pain

Am I crazy?

Or maybe that’s what I’m preventing

Stopping myself from being insane

So I hold on to the one thing I know that makes me human


So I look at this image

I look at them together

I take in the pain

So at least I can tell others

I loved her

I know I did

Because each time I see them

I can feel it

The pain of my heart shattering

Shattering into tiny little pieces

Being in Love

I miss being in love

To have someone you can’t stop thinking about even when you’re extremely busy

Someone who makes you happy even when the world is being shitty

Someone that no matter what they do they’re so damn pretty

Someone that you’d do anything for no matter how risky

Someone that makes you think “How am I so lucky?” 

I miss the feeling of being in love

And the feeling of someone loving me


My chest feels hollow

From the pain and the sorrow

From all the things I keep on losing

My purpose to get up in the morning

A love to keep my heart warm and beating

Nothing seems to be going right for me

When will I be able to be happy?