Tiny Little Pieces

Why do I keep looking even though it hurts?

I keep looking BECAUSE it hurts

I want to keep looking

To keep feeling this pain

Am I crazy?

Or maybe that’s what I’m preventing

Stopping myself from being insane

So I hold on to the one thing I know that makes me human


So I look at this image

I look at them together

I take in the pain

So at least I can tell others

I loved her

I know I did

Because each time I see them

I can feel it

The pain of my heart shattering

Shattering into tiny little pieces


One thought on “Tiny Little Pieces

  1. Even in to the smallest pieces
    A big impact to the expression of the faces
    A whole lot painful heartache that would make a mark
    A big hidden thing you endure that people call a scar
    It would never be easy
    But it would also never be hard
    Because for you I’d keep the pain
    Because of you I keep going
    Even now that you’re gone.
    I always loved you.
    Never will stop.
    But I have to forget you
    Cause you’re never ever coming back.


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