The world was dull.
My surroundings were monochrome and void of life.
I’d live each day in a routine manner.
I tried to keep things interesting but ultimately at thend of the day I’d always feel…

When you came into my life, you changed my entire world,
My life suddenly became filled with color.
I’d spend each day wishing that it wouldn’t end.
I loved this new world that you showed me
It felt so vibrant and lively.
I was happy.

But suddenly the world that I loved so much…
The sky became darker, the earth began to shake, the clouds begun to roar, the air became heavier, I could feel it creeping into my lungs, it felt like it was crushing my chest from the inside and crushing my insides. I fell to the ground clutching my chest, gasping for air, and as I try to raise my head I see the all the things I loved, all the things I cared for and cherished, slowly  crumble down into rubble.

I could nothing but watch, with both pain my body, lungs and my heart. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would just end soon and my consciousness slowly faded.

when I came to, It was gone.
all the color
all the life
the pain
even you
it was all gone

I got up and looked around me seeing all the destruction that had occurred I felt nothing.
I gathered all I could be salvaged,
but I knew there was nothing left for me here.
So I moved forward.
With no idea of what lied ahead of me, I just kept going, in hopes that I could find something that would bring that color back into my life.


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