That Time I Saw Her…

What is beauty?

Is it when you see the sun rise at 5am?

A popular painting or prized art work?

Your friends?



A memory?

When I first realized what beauty was, I was completely caught off guard.

It was like any other day, I woke up got ready and headed out.

I always hope that my day will be a great day.

And I stood on the bridge just staring at the distance I felt someone tap my shoulder and when I turned around… there she was.

The sun was shining on her as if she was an angel sent from the heavens above, her hair fell perfectly across her face as if each strand was carefully placed in the perfect spot and her smile and eyes felt like they pieced my heart and soul.

I stood there mesmerized and speechless as I stared at her.

That’s when I think I realized what beauty was.


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