The pain of losing something.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it before.

Losing your favorite toy.

Losing a friend.

Losing a family member.

Losing a loved one.

Losing yourself.

After you go through loss you look for something to fill the void that the loss has cause, sometimes it’s a temporary fix, just something to fill the void for a while, to keep you occupied and we just try and try to fill that hole that was left inside of us until we can finally be whole again.

Loss hurts, but usually it leads to change and that helps us become better people and if we do lose something it doesn’t always mean that it’s gone forever, sometimes it will come back and this time we’ll treat it better than we ever have.

What’s important is that we learn from our losses because whenever we lose something it’s just an experience to be learned from.

An experience from which you can learn to be a better you.


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