Is what we do in the world really significant?

We live in this world and do our best to attain our goals and aspirations but does it matter?

If you live for yourself then you make yourself happy but in the end you lose everything.

To live for others is to make them happy and to nurture them but in the end you’ll never be sure if you can truly lead them down the right path.


It comes for all of us one day we’ll all meet it.

What lies after it, no one knows.


Heaven or hell?

An eternal abyss?

Eternal life?

If so why do we live now?

Why not just live in the heavens to begin with?

Why do we have to live with this pain and fear?

Why do we have to go through all of this?

This cycle of suffering.

To live,

To be happy,

Followed by loss,


And suffering.

While we live we endure this continuous cycle that can only be ended with death.

But we all fear it because we don’t know what it’s like once the cycle ends.

Will there be eternal pain?


Or joy?

So we continue the cycle, because we fear.

Fear for what we leave behind.

Fear for what comes next.


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