I am…

Everyone is different.

People are different in many ways, personality, ability, talent, environment, thoughts, life, and love.



Someone who loves whole heartedly.

I loved a girl and who do anything for.

I’d be there for her no matter what, I’d do whatever she would ask, and wait no matter how long for her, and just seeing her would make my day feel complete. I was in love with her and after a year, I told her how I felt. Too bad it was only one sided love.


A hopeless romantic.

I believe in “True love” and people who are “meant to be”.

I would stay in school with her until 7pm, we would talk all day, every day, we shared interest, we enjoyed spending time together, we were happy together, but she didn’t want a serious relationship and she had someone else but I waited in hopes that she would change her mind.

I hurt myself watching them together, I hurt myself chasing after her, It hurt when we were together.

In the end I left.


I like to take chances.

A girl in my class would always be alone, I would always see her alone, not talking to anyone, and not really participating and she was cute. I wanted to approach her but I was too shy.

One day, I finally gathered the will and courage to try.

We talked and got along, she was funny. And “punny”. She was talkative and could make me smile. After a while though we would run out of things to say, I bought her a gift for her birthday bought I wasn’t able to find her… And one day she disappeared.


Someone who will keep on trying

There was a girl that I tried approaching, that I talked to while she was alone and I mustered all my courage to talk to.

She’s cute, goal driven, smart, fun to talk to and be around. Sadly she had a boyfriend since high school.


I believe in “faith” or “destiny”

I high school I met this girl, a friend of my friend and an ex of my friend now.

she was amazing, smart, cute, talented, she knows what she wants to do in life and what she wanted to do to attain it, she always strived to improve herself, she was cultured, quiet and timid yet friendly, open-minded, kind, caring  even though she’s gone through a lot and so much more.

She was everything I wish I could be.

I felt like I finally found something like the first time.

Someone I can be head over heels for.

Someone I can give my all again.

Someone I can give my whole heart to.

I enjoyed the time we spent together, even when we wouldn’t talk, the moments we spent sitting down together, reading together, talking together, laughing together, and just being together.

I loved those times.

If those times could have lasted…

If only those times didn’t only exist in my head…

She could tell that I had feelings for her even before I told her and she approached me.

She said I was fun to talk to but she only saw me as a friend.

She went on with her life and eventually found someone who actually makes her happy… And in all honesty I’m happy that she’s happy. She deserves it. Part of me wishes it could have been me though.


I was those things.

And now?

What am I now?




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