How many cups have I drank?

The memories that come with every cup.

The bitterness…

My memories of her, like this cup of coffee is bitter-sweet.

The times we shared, the moments we smiled and laughed.

The times I cried.

This coffee like our love was sweet at times but also really bitter but I couldn’t get enough of it.

I kept coming back for that addicting bitter sweet taste.

But suddenly the flavor changed…

the bitter-sweet flavor I used to know. All the sweetness… gone. the bitter-sweet flavor I loved and craved for turned black.

The flavor I so loved had disappeared as well as my love for coffee and also my memories of those days we spent together.

After some time I came to my favorite coffee shop looking for the taste that I’ve been missing for a long time, the taste I missed so much.

As I sit here with my cup of coffee, all the memories start flooding back…

Will I be able to taste that bitter-sweet flavor I once loved again?


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