Socializing can be difficult


Sometimes exhausting

That’s why I treasure the people remaining

The people whom I can spend the whole day laughing

And other days without even talking

These are the friends I treasure


I wonder

I wonder if anyone knows what they’re doing?

If anyone truly knows where they’re going?

Or do we just live off the feeling

That hopefully while we’re still breathing

We can continue finding reasons to keep living

Things and people to help give us meaning

In a world that’s unforgiving

A Path

Branching roads

To infinite possibilities

Which will I take?

Which will have more than negativity?

There has to be more than misery

There has to be a road for me

There has to be


Let there be


She always wore a smile 

No matter how hard they’d try

She’d never break no matter how much they pry 

She just laugh with them

And wouldn’t give them any mind

But when she’s alone away from all their eyes

Shit sit down alone

And she would breakdown and cry 

She would cry and cry

Even if her eyes were starting to dry

Crying until the pain would subside

So she could start the day with a smile

A friend

We accept people for who they are

And we trust them

So much that we’d drop everything for them

We open up to them

And so they give us their trust

They rely on us

But they rely too much

That they start to take advantage of us

They start to think that only we can be there for them

And no one else

But when we can’t be who they want us to be

They hurt

They cry

They flee

And we’re left empty

Regretting that we couldn’t be

Who they needed to be


Words of oppression

Words of abuse

Words of rape

Words of worry and concern 

Words of depression 

Words of pain

Words of sorrow

Words of suicide 

Toxicity and ruined lives

There’s so many things I want people to know

So many things I want people to feel 

But instead I have to keep them concealed

Their stories they want no one to hear

They hide pain, fear and tears 

Because they don’t want anyone worry

They don’t like the states of others judging

So I keep their secrets inside of me

But people should know about the people that are hurting

So I scream and shout 

So that everyone can hear me

So they can hear my voice

And the voice of those who couldn’t speak for themselves

Lingering Feelings

Hearing the music you’d always play

Drinking the coffee you’d always buy

I’m constantly surrouned by things that remind me of you

Sometimes I wonder

If there will ever be a day

When I can finally say

I’m truly over you